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Analogue & VHS Lyrics Videos

StereoSites creates mesmerizing lyrics videos and music videos that bring your songs to life. Using old fashioned technology from Critter & Guitari, LZX Industries, and TACHYONS+, our videos are hand crafted and unique. We have a plethora of analogue video synthesisers and vintage video mixers that give our projects a distinct look and feel. Whether you're looking for simple VHS graphic effects, or a full on green screen video production, look no further! StereoSites has you covered. Look mom, no computer!

Critter & Guitari ETCTACHYONS+ TexturaLZX Vidiot

We create video FX using the LZX Vidiot, Critter & Guitari ETC, Critter & Guitari Rhythm Scope, TAHCYONS+ Psychenizer, TAHCYONS+ Dreamweapon, TACHYONS+ Opti-Glitch, TAHCYONS+ Textura Landscaper, and the BPMC Modified AVE5.

'ALieNNatioN' by The Voidz

'Macon if We Make It' by Lucero

'Eternal Summer' by The Strokes

'Nikki Go Sudden' by Pink Mountaintops

'Black Hole' by The Voidz

'Human Sadness' by The Voidz