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StereoSites is the collaboration of musically focussed web design alchemists Kenneth Anderson and Philip Radiotes. Both have worked extensively with both major label and independent bands and music artists, providing full stack web design and development. We utilize our ability to speak but broadly and technically in order to translate ideas into reality. With best practice coding and structuring, we provide world class experiences throughout the device spectrum. From providing complete UX and UI roadmaps to advanced SEO targeting, we take the fan experience of entertainment websites to the next level level. In addition to website development, StereoSites clients can also benefit from our full range of services: from creating visual assets like album art, graphic design, and animation to conceptualizing and producing music videos that have brought our clients millions of views. StereoSites sits at the crossroads you are looking for: we know music and we know tech.

  • Laurie Anderson

    Laurie Anderson

    Laurie Anderson is a one of a kind artist, musician, director and composer. StereoSites worked with her team to modernize her web presence and allow her to communicate to her audience in a multifaceted way.

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  • The Strokes

    The Strokes

    The Strokes are an iconic band who need an iconic web presence. Working with their team, we helped build a one stop that highlights their essentials: tour dates, videos and march in an easy no-nonsense page.

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  • Phoenix


    Phoenix’s Ti Amo finds the band hitting a new stride and StereoSites got the call to create an original theme that highlighted the album art and provided a base for fans to see existing catalog and videos.

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  • The Voidz

    The Voidz

    The Voidz sit at the crossroads of art, punk and politics with a distinctive, 80s influenced aesthetic. We worked their site into a visual experience as unique as their sound.

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  • James Iha

    James Iha

    James Iha is a rock musician and film composer, best known as guitarist and co-founder of The Smashing Pumpkins. StereoSites created a website to present his discography & filmography in a simple and elegant way.

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  • Summer Moon

    Summer Moon

    Summer Moon is a new band launched by The Strokes' bassist Nikolai Fraiture. StereoSites stepped in to create a unique, animated Squarespace theme, which allows the band to post news & updates in a simple way.

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  • Sam Himself

    Sam Himself

    Sam Himself is a one of a kind soul and bluesman who closes the distance between Springsteen and Deehunter. We worked with existing graphics to create a minimal, streamlined approach to building fan interaction.

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  • Shawn Everett

    Shawn Everett

    Shawn Everett is a Grammy Award winning producer and engineer with a unique sense of sound and style. We created a simple yet visually appealing site to make his scheduling and project management easier.

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  • Zipper Club

    Zipper Club

    Zipper Club was formed by members Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and solo artist Lissy Trullie. StereoSites created a Squarespace website which allowed the band to post news and updates on the fly.

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